The 3 Jewels of Tao...

~ Compassion

Foremost application... to self, in recognition of:

Our vulnerabilities
Our errors in judgement
Our fickle affections
Our self-glorification
Our lusts

We learn to forgive ourselves, work towards selflessness and grow in acceptance.

And through insight we learn to remain open to others; accommodating the flaws in their nature, that we find present within our own being.

And through remaining open to others, if we are wise, we humbly instruct through our compassion.

~ Humility

Through meditation we see that each is part of the other and although we feel separate, this is illusory, as we individually lend our voice or our presence to the collective whole (for good or for bad).

When we see this, we are humbled, and recognize value in all sentient life.

We are no greater than, we are part of... therefore, our humility acts to instruct the blind.

~ Moderation

Modulation, harmony, balance, the centre point - this we move towards as we follow the way. An excess of any thing destabilizes and there is ordinarily and naturally a high price for excess.

Moderation is a wise master and reveals true value.

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